Project Spark director teases "big" announcement for this week


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Project Spark - the sandbox game creation suite has been a rip-roaring success for Xbox One with literally tens of thousands of worlds created and shared among the community. But it seems Project Dakota might still have some more surprises up their sleeve if a tweet from creative director Michael Saxs Persson is anything to go by. Making the cryptic tweet yesterday, Saxs says that he's super excited about a big announcement for later this week. There's no word on what it is, but when asked for hints the Project Spark twitter account has made reference to Seattle and, curiously, rain.

Super excited! Big announce next week. No way you can guess this one! #ProjectSpark #XboxOne— Saxs (@Saxs) March 22, 2014
Any guesses or predictions from you guys? For more on Project Spark, here's Chris Shilling's delightful guide to creating a game in the Xbox One beta.
Source: OXM
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