RGH questions about updating to new 14717 dash on slim.


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Feb 22, 2012
i have a dual nand slim and i was wondering how i would go about updating my retail nand for the slim so i can still play on live.. now do i use XeBuild 2.0? and build the retail image or should i wait for the files to be released from team xecuter? because i do not want to f**k up my slim or anything.. so should i wait for the files to be released or can i update it now and still be able to go onto xbox live and boot into the hacked dash? and if i can update how would i go about updating it correctly?
Sorry for the nooby questions just really don't want to fcuk this console up.. thanks.


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Dec 7, 2011
Just wait for tx to release the info and relevant files on their newest breakthru that will allow you to dump update and glitch the newest dash