r-jtag zephyr nand


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Jan 7, 2019
was doing r-jtag on my zephyr just to try if i could get it to work. But now i think i messed up.
I did nand backup before i started r-jtag. was trying to get it to boot but remembered that i probbably should update to latest dash, and flashed nand with my backup and updated dash then wired r-jtag up again and wrote xell to the box and tried to get it to boot again after a while i remembered that forgot to do a backup of the nand after the dash update. Then i thought no problem just to flash my backup again and update dash again...then do a new backup...:rolleyes:
Now the box wont boot with retail nand backup. i get rrod "Bridged solder joint/Short GPU-> (H)ANA" and im 100% sure nothing is bridged.

Now i think the problem is that i wrote the old dash nand to the box that had the latest dash update. Am i thinking right?
what are my options now?
can i still boot in to xell with my old dash backup? if i get r-jtag to work and if not i try rgh.


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Dec 2, 2010
When you update the dashboard, the efuses get programmed (burnt), so an older nand dump will not work properly. At this point you will need to get Xell to boot up to get any progress made as you will need the CPU key.