LITEON DG-16D2S Replacing DG-16D2S Question


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Dec 19, 2011
Hi so I recently bought a Zypher with a "non working" disk drive but it turns out the person before had just switched out the original drive without flashing/spoofing. I found this out after I performed an RGH. I opened the nand and it gave me the original OSIG and all the other info. Im planning on selling this that's why I wanted to replace the disk drive or els I wouldn't. How do I go about replacing it? Do I just buy a new one flash a stock liteon firmware then just add the dvd key? if someone can point me to the write defection that would be helpful. Thanks


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Dec 14, 2012
All you need is the stock dash version, as this will change what firmware you write to the drive. If the console is staying RGHed, then I would install LT+3.0 on the drive with the dvdkey from the key vault.if you are going retail, then you need to flash back the stock nand, and find out the dashboard version, to find out if it has been updated to 0225 firmware. If you used RGH2, then the firmware required will be 0225, or lt+3.0. If you used rgh1 then it depends on the original dash, i believe that the dash that updated the firmware was 13599.
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