Request for Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 v1.11


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Mar 8, 2019
Good I would like to ask please update the tricks for this game that took some for the update 1.10 and no longer work in the latest version
Here I leave the codes to make things easier
VERSION 1.10 build 15f6affe27bc79dc

[100,000,000 Zeni]
041F0000 54c100a4 05F5E100
write32 (Heap + 0x54C100A4 + register_F, 0x05F5E100)

[100,000,000 TP]
041F0000 54c100a8 05F5E100
write32 (Heap + 0x54C100A8 + register_F, 0x05F5E100)

[Level 99]
041F0000 54c2e954 00000063
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E954 + register_F, 0x00000063)

[100,000,000 total EXP]
041F0000 54c2e958 05F5E100
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E958 + register_F, 0x05F5E100)

[9,999 attribute points]
041F0000 54c2e95C 0000270F
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E95C + register_F, 0x0000270F)

[100 maximum health]
041F0000 54c2e960 00000064
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E960 + register_F, 0x00000064)

[100 Max Ki]
041F0000 54c2e964 00000064
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E964 + register_F, 0x00000064)

[100 maximum stamina]
041F0000 54c2e974 00000064
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E974 + register_F, 0x00000064)

[100 basic attacks]
041F0000 54c2e968 00000064
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E968 + register_F, 0x00000064)

[100 Overcome strikes]
041F0000 54c2e96C 00000064
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E96C + register_F, 0x00000064)

[100 Ki Blast Supers]
041F0000 54c2e970 00000064
write32 (Heap + 0x54C2E970 + register_F, 0x00000064)

I NEED FOR THE 1.11 BUILD 5691ded1329c2cf7
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Nov 26, 2007
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I am not 100% sure, but I do not believe the actual cheats are maintained by TX. Who ever made the cheats would need to update them. Again not 100% sure though since I have not tried any at all.
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Mar 8, 2019
I just happened to thank you for updating the tricks for version1.11 BUILD 5691ded1329c2cf7 thank you very much to whoever is in charge of this type of work and many blessings

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