[Request] Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (USA) v1.3.0


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Oct 21, 2018
Title ID: 0100770008dd8000
Build ID: fb08f1d20fd1204f

All items in item box x99
Item box offset seems to be static, even during quests (HEAP+0x10B020AA, length = 0x2260); Structure is 2 bytes (byteswapped) item ID (0x0000 = no item in slot), followed by 2 bytes (byteswapped) item quantity (max 0x0063), repeating 2199 times (2200 item box slots).
Code should: start loop; check if slot 1 is not empty (item ID != 0); if true, quantity = 0x0063; move to next slot to compare; loop 0x112F times.

This code is excruciatingly tedious to make, because it requires a lot of registers and arithmetic operations on them, and will almost certainly require a button activator (I recommend L+ZL+Right stick, 0x00000160), or it will slow the game to a crawl every time it runs.


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Aug 7, 2018
I'd like to see codes for his game as well, I think I might have the euro version. same title id, Build id: 936abc6624fc8d8a

unlimited pouch items would be awesome, maybe even unlimited health and stamina
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