RGH an X-Box 360 S Corona without internal HDD


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Oct 9, 2015
Hello Dear Forum.

I purchased an 360 Slim with Corona MB manufactured 2013 -Console only with no internal HDD.
As I am a newbie and have a few question and your help is much appriciated.

1) Will this pose a problem for RGH by CoolRuner ?
2) Can i use an internal HDD for running all Games as i read that there are issues with some games ?
3) Will my progress in games be saved or it also requires an internal HDD.
4) Which External 1TB /2TB HDD would you recommend using with the console ?

Thanks in advance :)


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Apr 11, 2004
Toronto, Canada
1. no problems to RGH mod it
2. no problems with using internal HDD or external USB HDD.. some newer games are 2 disc and requires one (installation) disc to be installed to the internal HDD
3. profile, game saves etc. are save to internal HDD or USB memory formatted by the xbox
4. the one that gives you most capacity for lowest price :) .. brand name HDD obviously
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Apr 2, 2015
Only problem with games you might have is with games, that are online only. (Like The Crew, Destiny, Titanfall,..)
Because with rgh Xbox you can't use live services. With all other offline games you won't have any problems.