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Jun 16, 2014
I am currently installing a coolrunner onto a jasper
This is not my first rgh, It occured to me some difficulties
people without any experience can face

All this is my opinion and preference

Somebody attempting soldering and coolrunner installation for the first time
should be aware of factors which can lead to problems

dim light
shaking hands
poor magnification
too much heat
no flux

my Essential tools

Jewelers loupe x20 magnification
helping hands with crocodile clips
flux paste
99% alcohol
q-tips / cotton buds
temperature control soldering iron
wire stripper or teeth
glue gun
cloth tape
damp sponge

my general tips

using helping hands to hold wire for tinning bend a small piece of card
in half around the wire before clamping in crocodile clips to reduce crushing of insulation.

clean off any excess flux with isopropyl alcohol to leave a clean solder joint
cotton buds on a stick dont often get into the nooks and crannies. I usually tear the cotton off and dip into alcohol
very gently remove as much as possible.

The point I was making whilst writing all this. that qsb boards are stuck in place thus not worrying about movement during solder bonding
trying to hold wires steady can be tricky.

reverse install of wires. securing the wire in position first with tape, leave a little bit of wiggle room
for the tinned wire as it's not soldered yet no risk of tearing a pad, it can be trimmed if necessary. anchor the wire with glue gun first.
once set then remove the tape.

with the wire locked in place you should find it more stable from movement, when finishing the final connection to the xbox motherboard.
also you should have a slight downward bend on your tinned wire
this should apply to other points aswell.

my other suggestion if you need to remove/modify anything.
gently lift the solder join with a pin and iron carefully.
if you put tape on your wires use a tool to hold the point/wire down very slowly lift tape to expose.

I have got carried away writing this.
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Jul 7, 2010
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If anyone asks me how to solder correctly, I show them this video:


Martin also made some videos showing users how to deal with those smaller RGH points.

I find that a good combination of practice, good flux, a variable temp iron and common sense helps out a lot.

For what it's worth, I use a cheap Aoyue 937 soldering station which is great for any install (CoolRunners, DemoNs, Sonus and more).
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