RGH2 - Jasper 16MB, booted Xell, booted hacked image once, no boots so far...


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Jan 9, 2015

I am trying to glitch a Jasper, but I was only able to boot Xell and once managed to boot the hacked image. First some info and at the end pictures of my soldering.

Model: Jasper 16MB (Phat)
CB: 6754 (generated hacked image with J-runner is 6752)
Dash: 17150 (generated hacked image is 17511)

Coolrunner rev. C
Method: RGH2
jumper 1: open
jumper 2: 1-2 closed
jumper 3: closed
Timing file: B (RGH2)
Switch: Slim

Setup: CPU_RST was the supplied 56cm blue wire.

Good news: I know I have a working hacked image file, since it booted once! So the boot problem is hardware related. :smile:
Both times it booted I was leaning in to try to measure the voltage, but did not touch anything. Then I put the motherboard in the casing and used a 26cm wire as CPU_RST, did not boot. Used the 56cm wire again, no boot. Tried all the timing files. Used a 26cm 50 Ohm coaxial cable and all the timing files, with no result.

B (STBY_CLK): 1,42V (DC measured)
C (POST_OUT1): 1,08V then pulse to 0V for a while (drops to 0,48V then quickly to 0V) then comes back up to 1,08V
D (CPU_RST): 1,08V - pulse to 0,60V
E (i2C_SDL): 3,28V
F (i2C_SDA): 3,28V with some small fluctuations

And once, when it was trying to glitch, the POST_OUT1 kept stuck on 0V. Is this good or bad?

What could be the problem? And what do you guys recommend me to do?


Joo C

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Dec 2, 2011
South Africa
RGH2 is highly unstable on any dash higher than 14699, look into rgh 1.2 which is much more reliable, not much soldering required from this point on