RGLoader 0v400 (16537 support) Released


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Feb 2, 2012
Decided to release my updates to RGLoader because of increased demand lately. I have been lacking testers lately so I am going to go ahead and release the builder and files and hope that everyone will leave feedback if they run into any problems.

If you are going to use this and don't want to brick your xbox, you MUST read the readme.txt included in the builder rar.

Once I receive enough feedback from this builder, I will release a separate utility that builds nand images for big block jaspers. All filesystems are on the nand, no hard drive required ;)

RGLoader 0v400
\_Release Notes:_\\

A lot of people have thought that RGLoader has been dead/abandoned. Yeah, basically it's
been dead for a while now mostly because Stoker has been gone for over a year so there was
only one real developer for RGLoader and real life stuff gets in the way. I've gotta put out
a big thank you to sk1080 for releasing a usable version of RGLoader for 16202 while I've
been gone. In either case, saying that RGLoader is dead really does not make a lot of sense
when we have tried to make it as open as possible without sharing code that was donated by
people who don't want it running out in the wild yet. RGBuild.exe is not obfuscated in any
way and can be completely decompiled to source with .net reflector. The patches are provided
in plain text and compiled when you run the image which should allow anyone to be able to
update them for a new kernel. All you would have to do is use the existing file structures
as a guide to add support for a new update. This said, there is no reason that some random
person would not be able to change RGBuild for their own purpose or for a new kernel.

RGBuild++ was another project started by stoker and abandoned and left to me to finish, and
there's still quite a bit of work to be done on it before it's ready for a release. I felt
bad releasing an update using the RGBuild everyone is familiar with when I have promised
new features like jasper big block support. It's hard to devote the amount of time and effort
needed to finish something like this when the xbox scene is slowing down and interest in
alternative nand builders is low. This doesn't mean that I haven't been updating RGLoader for
my own uses and adding features, it just means I didn't feel like putting in the effort to
make it usable for the general public and releasing.

I've seen a lot more activity in the #RGloader channel on EFNet and on the forum with
people asking for a new update. I have no problem putting the work in when I know it's not
going to waste, so these past couple weeks I have been porting some of the new features in
RGBuild++ to this older builder just so you guys can enjoy what we have so far and run a much
more stable kernel.

I'd like to conclude with, don't be fooled and think that just because the builder looks
the same that the xbox side hasn't changed. Please try out some of the new features added
and PLEASE leave feedback in the shoutbox at rgloader.com with any problems or successes you
have had. This lets us know that there are still people out there that have use for a devkit
kernel on a retail xbox.

\_RGLoader NEW Features:_\\

-- Avatar File Installer --

Thanks to cOz and his badass system extended partition installer code,
RGLoader.xex now supports creating and formatting the hard drive partitions
for the avatar update files. Included in the hdd filesystem files is a $SystemUpdate
folder. If RGLoader detects that this folder exists, it will reinitialize the
partitions and automatically copy the files to it. It usually requires a reboot
after the installation for the avatars to start showing up in the dashboard.

-- HV Peek Poke --

A peek poking patch has been added to the hypervisor. It uses the same call format that
Freeboot uses with syscall0.

-- RGLoader Plugin Loading --

Options have been added to RGLoader.ini for loading plugins in the same format that
dashlaunch handles. They are essentially just system dlls so you can use them for
whatever purpose you wish.

Plugin1 = Hdd:\Plugin1blah.xex
Plugin2 =
Plugin3 =

-- RGLP Loading at runtime --

Not really a new feature, but not many people knew about this before. During system
initialization RGLoader.xex will scan the systemroot for any .rglp files and will apply
them to the kernel/xam/whatever the address is for. They are a standard patch format
[Addr][numberofpatches][startpatches..]. There is a file named rglXam.rglp in the
hdd filesystems folder which you can open with a hex editor and use an example. This
feature is useful for testing extra patches without having to completely reflash your
nand image.

-- KDNet for Jtags --

KDNet is kernel debugging over lan. It is basically like
xbwatson on crack. It shows post codes and runs even before
xbdm.xex gets launched. This utility is extremely useful
for debugging problems in the kernel, and also inserting
breakpoints and debugging xex modules running on the system.

Developers who create trainers and such will find this very useful.

In the past, using xbsetcfg to setup KDNet for jtags would
corrupt the nand image and brick the xbox because it overwrites
important info where the jtag payload is stored. This issue
has been fixed in RGLoader.

The most exciting thing about the latest RGBuild update is
that when you build your nand image it detects the computers
local IP address and sets up KDNet for the nand. This is very useful
because if your xbox fails to boot or has problems, you do not need
a uart cable or a post sniffer to figure out what the problem is.
Simply hook your ethernet cable into your xbox and run KDNet and the
problem will be obvious and easy to fix usually.

Make sure you have the SDK installed (xbox neighborhood) and run one
of the provided bat files (KDNet_win7.bat / KDNet_win8.bat) and turn
on your xbox.

-- Memory Protection Options --

In the past there have been problems when running certain utilities
made for retail kernel on RGLoader, such as trainers for games.
This was caused by the xex being compiled to use memcpy instead of DmSetMemory.
A lot of trainers have already been updated to fix this issue, but there
is now an option which will disable the memory protection in this
devkit kernel in the same way it is disabled in retail.
This fixes most problems with trainers and such.
In options.ini set NOMEMPROT = 1


-Added support for 16537
-Too many fixes to name for RGBuild.exe (much better corona support in image editing)
-Fixed JTAG KDNet support
-RGBuild now sets up KDNet in the nand image (no need for xbsetcfg)
-Fixed filesystem issues, can now insert payload anywhere in nand and filesystem will
rearrange itself.
-Overall much more stable kernel patches
-Ability to disable memory protection
-Added plugin loading
-Will load ini from USB drive before hdd (useful if a plugin is crashing the system)


Download & Original Post: http://rgloader.spiffy360.com/thread-683.html


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Mar 2, 2012
Tye, would you happen to know why it won't run on my computer? I have .NET FW 4.5 and have tried 4.0, uninstalling and re-installing etc and still a no go. If it matters, I'm on 64Bit Win 7.


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Tye, would you happen to know why it won't run on my computer? I have .NET FW 4.5 and have tried 4.0, uninstalling and re-installing etc and still a no go. If it matters, I'm on 64Bit Win 7.
Like most other things the more feedback u can provide the easier u make it for us to help u bud


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Mar 2, 2012
Did u try running as admin

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Yes, as always. I'm not a n00b when it comes to running applications, I'm a coder myself.

Like most other things the more feedback u can provide the easier u make it for us to help u bud
Other than what I have stated above. I don't know what to tell you. All of the other builds have worked just fine for me. I see no missing files or anything like that. Downloaded straight from RGL website.

All I can say is, 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium, tried .net 4.0 and 4.5 and none of them have worked. It DOES show in the processes in task manager..but does show the GUI.


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Mar 2, 2012
Hit us up in our room on irc one of us will get to u when we are around
Okay, thanks a lot XDK :) Just confused is all, all of the other builds have worked fine and have had no issues running before, just this one.


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Jun 4, 2013
Worked perfect for me, only bug i could find was the boot animation would never load, changed the settings numerous ways but i could never get that straightened out. But overall everything ran smoothly and everything i tested worked great.


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Jan 31, 2011
hola, tengo una Xbox 360 Slim Trinity con nand 256mb DevKit
¿alguien sabe como hacerla funcionar con RGloader?
solo he podido arrancar el xell sin problemas pero no el dash, he intentando de todo todo y nada potque esta devkit es muy rara es trinity de 256mb

nota: he hecho mas de 1.000 consolas Jtag-rgh y devkit unas 20 consolas pero con nands normales sin problemas y a la primera.

solicito ayuda, gracias

Hello, I have an Xbox 360 Slim Trinity with 256mb nand DevKit
Does anyone know how to make it work with RGloader?
I could only boot xell but not smooth dash,'ve tried everything and nothing all devkit potque this is very rare trinity is 256MB

note: I've done more than 1.000 rgh-Jtag consoles and devkit about 20 consoles but normal nands smoothly as the first.

request help, thanks