San Disc Ultra Upgrade from 200GB to 512GB problem


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Feb 6, 2019
Hello Folks.
As a long time user of the SX OS I've decided I want to upgrade my SD card from 200GB to the next card size.
So I formatted my new SD card (its the same brand as the old one) to FAT32 (as my old one too) and copy the files one by one simultaneously to the new card. Now I've experienced some problems. Every time I boot my switch I can't open my album folder to choose my installed games or enter the homebrew section. If I do so, the switch will crash with an error code and reboots itself.

I only can play installed games with NSP I've installed with my 200GB card.

My thought is, that maybe the switch can't handle the 512 GB card? I mean, it is an exact copy of the old one only with more space.
Does anyone had this same problem too? Any suggestions?

I don't want to use the 200GB card because it hasn't enough space for my belongings.

Sometimes the switch won't boot with the new SD card either, but after a few tries it will boot but I cant open the album folder as I said before.


Okay never mind. There was a copy paste mistake because I've deleted all files and copied all files again to the new card. Voilá, it works fine now.

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Jul 7, 2020
Are you sure it is a genuine card? How did you format it to FAT32? Did you use a trustworthy tool such as Guiformat?
Which CFW version do you use? And which SX OS version?