Save backups has bugs and missing features


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Oct 18, 2018
I've been trying out the save backup feature in SX Installer 1.1 and I've found it has some bugs and is missing some key features. Note that I have set my save directory to an FTP location.

1. Some saves are not backed up when you press L on the "Installed" screen to backup everything. In my case it missed the saves for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Dead Cells.

2. Some saves are not backed up in their entirety. I think the issue is that it misses data in nested folders. For example, when I backup Stardew Valley using Checkpoint it creates the following files:

where the #'s represent a game-specific ID number.

SX Installer only backs up startup_preferences, so all of the most important data in the game is missing!

3. There is no way to restore a backup when it's saved to a network location. I have my saves being uploaded to an FTP server for safe keeping, but SX Installer gives me no option I can find to restore them.

4. This is a bit of a nitpick, but the filenames of the save backups are inconvenient, as only ID numbers are used and there is no option for timestamping the saves. Compare to how Checkpoint writes out one of its save backups:

0x0100152000022000 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe/
  20181231-042030 Username1/
  20181231-042030 Username2/
  20190104-162030 Username1/
  20190104-162030 Username2/
With timestamps you can have multiple saves for each game and user in your save directory and choose which one to restore. I think the best way for this feature to work would be to have an option for restoring individual saves on a per game, per user basis as well as automatically restoring all of your most recent saves... though make sure the user has to go through a clear confirmation dialog before restoring them all!

Overall I'm excited with the direction SX Installer is going in. Being able to backup saves to a network location is a must-have feature. Hopefully it'll be fully usable soon!
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Dec 16, 2018
Thank you for this, the reports of some incomplete saves was driving me nuts. Did not realize it was a sub directory issue.

The saves are indeed time stamped, they are using unix epoch timestamps:

1546524478-got al korak seeds-49A0C0730A7002DB885FBDF3ADAD8B0C

the bit in the middle is an optional comment, 1546524478 is a unix timestamp, 49A0C0730A7002DB885FBDF3ADAD8B0C is a hash of the save data.

You can restore individual games but bringing up the individual game's save game menu, and clicking restore.

SX will restore (without sub directories apparently) over FTP, its done the same way, through the sx save game menu, like in the screenshot in the SX release.

I will investigate the skipping of certain games being backed up.