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Dec 6, 2002
First let's look at the Xecuter Install Command System (XICS)*

XICS is the flagship feature of this bios release. It revolutionizes the way any Xbox is setup or upgraded and can be easily used by first time hobbyists right up to experienced installers. The system uses a simple scripting service which can be run from USB pen drive (FAT32 or FAT 16 supported!), Hard Drive, HTTP (both local and online), CD/DVD Media (standard iSO9660 supported!). Just imagine being able to run a script that automatically flashed your bios, format and partitioned your hard drives, installed your dashboard, setup all your apps, setup your network, lock your hard drive and reboot - completely automated and without having to lift a finger. Also think how easy it will be to share scripts with other users - no more setup problems or trawling through support forums looking for answers when all you will need is a script to do the job automatically for you. This is just the beginning, now we have the backbone of the system in place there are going to be far more additions in the near future. Take a look at the current list of commands along with a few examples - the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

NOTE: Some pen drives may not work - we know those that are secure dont work at the moment (will have a switch on the side)
if you have a drive that wont run a script just report its make / model etc and we will get right on it - we tested about 60 different types of drives and found only 3 not to work - so its not too bad at the moment. There are many plans to expand
this feature anyway so stay tuned. In the meantime.............

Quick list of XICS commands :

All commands are in file " x3_script.ini "

if v1.6 ..
if exist ..
flashbios backup
flashbios bios

Detailed Explanations

: network

network = [mode];[ip];[subnet];[gateway];[DNS]

This command basically initializes the network adapter to the desired network mode/address. This step can be skipped, but if skipped and scripts try to access networked programs, it will initialize using X3 settings instead.


network = static;;;;
network = dhcp

: preparedrive

Writes a new mbr and partitiontable to the drive, then formats all partitions.
This is the one you want to run for new fresh harddrives.

note : Does not give a warning upfront, so be careful.

: if

if [parameter] [command to launch if true]

If can be used for a few things, very useful to make more flexible scripts. More settings to check with if-statement will come later on. So far you can only check for 2 different things : exist and v1.6. "exist" is used to check whether a file exists or not, "v1.6" is to check if the xbox running the script is a 1.6 or not. In order to check for the opposite, add a "!" in front of the check parameter.


if v1.6 flashbios bios X3_1959_v16plus.bin
if !exist z:temp.jpg goto doesntexist

: goto

goto [tag]

moves execution of the script to the given tagname. Will ignore if tag not found.


goto %execution%

: delete

delete [filename]

Deletes a file, if located.



: download

download [target] [httpfile]

Downloads a file from a http server to a desired location. Will initialize network if needed.


download z:test.gif

: runscript

runscript [ini file]

Launches a new script from the local harddrive, can be useful if script is downloaded from web or copied from usb/9660 drive(s). note : this command will not continue in the script its called from, the new script will replace the current one completely.


runscript z:/script.ini

: sleep

sleep [ms]

Sleep simply delays the script a few ms if wanted.


sleep 1000

: eject


Just ejects the cd-tray ( if possible )

: eeprom_backup


Backup up the Xbox EEprom from main board to the X3 EEprom storage

: flashbios

flashbios [target] [filename]

Flashes the selected bios with the given bios-file. Possible targets is "bios" and "backup", where backup is of course the backup bios. "bios" is locked to slot 1+2+3+4 for now. File can be located on the device script is running from, doesn't have to be copied to the harddrive first. e.g. if you run from a usb-drive, bios can be located on that drive. Simply skip any path in the filename to load from current device.

examples :

flashbios backup flashbios.bin
flashbios bios X3_1959_v16plus.bin
flashbios bios z:X3_1959.bin

: hdd_lock


Locks the harddrive if possible.

: hdd_unlock


Unlocks the harddrive if possible.

: unzip

unzip [filename] [target]

Unzips a zipfile to the desired destination, if only given a filename, it will try to load it from the device it's running the script from (9660 cd or usb-drive). If found on an external drive, it will copy it to the local hard drive first due to speed issues.


unzip c:
unzip c:

: copy

copy [target] [source]

copies a file from hdd,cd or usbdrive to the location given in command. If you do not give a path to the file, it will try to copy the file from the device it runs the script from.


copy x3_script.ini z:
copy c:x3_bios.bin z:

: launch

launch [filename]

Launches program from hard disk device.


launch e:default.xbe

: goto-tags

These are simply targets for the "goto" instruction and is ignored by the runtime script engine. They are basically any name with a % before and after the given name. Dont use spaces in the name.



: reboot

Cold reboots the xbox

: mbr

Writes a new master boot record / partition sector on the harddrive.
The preparedrive command is basically this command with following format of each

Can be helpful on upgrades, but mostly you will find yourselves not needing this command.

: format

Formats a given partition, and yes - it will delete it all :)


format f:

: echo

Outputs a text to screen when it gets to that point in the script, kinda like echo in the old DOS days.


echo If you can read this, your drives are now formatted


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Feb 18, 2004
Unfortunately, my dear Xecuter, I fear the brilliance of your scripting language will never be fully realized.

I appreciate it anyway.... Thank you. :)


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Dec 10, 2005
i put a chip in my xbox today but when i turn on i didn't see the massage XCUTER in my TV.WHAT CAN I DO?


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Jan 17, 2006
Do you plan on continuing to develop this? I began using it a while ago for various things and then stopped because I felt limited by the lack of commands.