GENERAL several question from a newbie


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Jan 6, 2015
Ok I bought a 360 box that does not have HDMI but does have the newer power supply connector. It has Benq dvd and 20 g hd. It did not come with power brick or AV cable.
I have another 360 newer box has HDMI and LiteOn dvd and 250 g hd.
I have coming to me USB PRO V2 and Scorpion Probe.
Ok my questions:
WILL the power brick off my new xbox work on tbe older box?
Where can I cheap get the AV cable for the new box?
I was planning on buying a new LiteOn drive for 19 bucks and getting the key and firmware from my orginal liteon drive to make a working drive... then modding the orginal Lite On...I assume this would work? From reading I assume jungleflasher will extract the key and the orginal firmware and let me save that to clone to another drive?
I was also planning on using tge 2nd xbox for test rig .. using the Benq drive to rip my purchased games and possibly modding the MB to Let me play backed up gAMES.
would this be a good box for that?
Where do I go and get the lastest firmware and jungleflasher... what versions are the newest.
I have also read my console needs to be at certaon level of firmware.. what does it need how do I check and if it is not how to upgrade it...

I knw this is long but I appreciate any help in this...