Sites to buy a CR4 XL?


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Feb 13, 2018
Hey, I'm just searching around for a site that I can buy a CR4 XL from - I'm based in the UK.

All the sites I have found so far only post to U.S so I'd be thankful for any links.

I also have found "" but I have heard this site is very dodgy?

- Many thanks.


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Nov 25, 2009
check out shop01media they have official stock and are based in europe.

yes, mrmodchips is dodgy, sad really with myself being an ex-uk, he gives us all a bad name

You have to watch the shop 01 too guys they bumped the prices up of stuff I was looking at to contemplate buying because I am from the UK and fancied going a bit retro y know how it is

I'm struggling to find anything that ships to uk.

I logged on using another ip address just to test and the prices had gone up by over half 23.95 euro for qsbs what the hell is that about they started at 11.99 euro
Tx I will happily be a reseller for you and do it right ha ha


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Apr 17, 2015
I have been using modchipcentral for years, without trouble. I used shop01media once.
Never again. I bought a V3 QSB from shop01media. By the time I had the time to have it installed, it was too late to return it. The 3.3v line was shorted to ground. Also, the TX serial number on it was bogus.