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Nov 26, 2019

I'm new at SW, and I love it ! I bought Sx Pro and it was realy easy to instal.

However, i can't find any tips to use it at full potential now. I have some questions then :

1) Where can i extract saved ? For exemple, Pokemon saved
2) My XCI games that I backed from original games i bought are on "Instal" too (next to licence), what does it mean ? What should i do with thoses games ? Instal or no ?
3) Can i use an HDD to stock all my games ? And plug it to the switch ? Do i need to do something special for this ?
4) What is Sx Installer ?

Thanks a lot for the help


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Nov 26, 2007
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1 - You can use Checkpoint or SX Installer to back up your saves to your SD and then copy them off to your computer.
2 - If you are mounting your XCI backups then you need to keep them on your SD. If you chose to Install them instead than you can remove them after installing.
3 - Yes, you can use a USB external drive to mount your XCI back ups.
4 - SX Installer is a muti function app. You can install or launch your backups, find cheats, backup saves and a few other things.
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