some suggestions for the SXInstaller


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Jul 25, 2018
i would make some suggestions for filebrowser operations
1. add option for rename files and folders
2. first ask and then delete, not as it is in the moment where the popup makes no sense (ok or cancel but the file is deleted before)
3. copy for files and folders
4. when i select a file for copy i can not see if it is selected or not. another color or sign was nice
5. is mor a question. i attached a exfat usb harddisk at the basestation and it works (as sxusb), i attached the same directly at the switch and it doesn't (thougt it must be usb but also doesnt work on any other port).


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Aug 2, 2018
Most NON-SSD (if not all) drives powered by USB will fail in handheld mode. Even some flash drives or SD readers will need more power. I would be leery of using anything but a flash drive or simple SD reader in handheld mode. Too much current being pulled from the Switch could fry the charging/USB circuit.