Sorting Your Games Alphabetically

Jul 3, 2018
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Hey guys just a quick thread for anyone who is interested in an easy way to sort there xci games alphabetically so there not listed on the Switch in the order you copied them to your sd card.
The program is called SD Sorter and i will add some download links for you below, It works with fat32 or exfat and you can sort by name, date modified or size as well as tell it to do sub folders.
I use this myself and only choose sort by name and don't enable sub folders as i only need it to sort my xci files and it works great and is really fast so i hope you find this useful :)

(Updated With Easier Method Below)

Windows 64bit Version:

Windows 32bit Version:

Linux 64bit Version:

Linux 32bit Version:

the current method i use to sort my xci's into alphabetical order is a lot easier now that we have easy ftp access so here's what you do.

1. Enable ftp on SXOS
2. Using something like FlashFXP connect to your switch
3. Navigate to the sxos/xci folder and create a new folder called tmp
4. Highlight all your xci games and move them into the tmp folder and then enter the folder
5. Click the Name column so your games are listed in reverse order
6. Click the first game and then hold shift and click the last game so all are highlighted
7. Right click the highlighted games and click move and then select the xci folder and now you can disconnect from your switch and disable the ftp option
8. close the SXOS menu and relaunch it and all your games should be in alphabetical order, Enjoy xD
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Dec 6, 2002
Sorting games via our 'own sx os menu' is in our todo job jar, one of over twenty requests that will be filled at some point, but no eta on when or what ones, just be patience, stay clam, and enjoy v1.4 and upcoming updates, in the meantime, our mod's suggestion is good one.


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Dec 7, 2018
If you're on Mac or Linux there's an even easier way. I wrote a little bash script to do it. Just move everything into a temp directory, then run this script with the temp directory as source, and the xci or whatever directory as destination.

for file in `find $dir -type f`
# echo "Moved: $file"
ls -l "$file" #shows permissions, parent directory, last modification date...
mv "$file" "$newdir/" #moves file from original dir to new dir
echo "Sorted!"


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Nov 28, 2018
I know this is for XCI's and it works wonders, can something like this be applied to installed NSP's?
Something tells me this is not possible because the main Switch Menu and the ALL Software menu, the games seems to be sorted by last game played?

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