HITACHI 79 spoofng a hitachi as liteon 74850


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Mar 6, 2009
North carolina
hey how would i go about spoofing a hitachi drive version 79. To liteon drive 74850 i have the key for both i just need to test the liteon key on the 79 to see if the person sent me the right key or not thx

Martin C

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Jan 10, 2004
Scotland, UK
All in the Hitachi tab:
Send mode-b and unlock the Hitachi v79 with the CD as normal.
Click manual spoof and choose the Lite-on 74850 from the dropdown. Also put the DVD key in here too.


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I sorted this for him Via Teamview. Spoofed the drive with his provided key from previous owner that mess his xbox up something bad might I add. Flash went good but still play DVD so it must be the wrong key info for the console.

I told him to post pics of the console so everyone can see just whats going on with it when i say its messed up!