SPUTNIK360 SWITCH & PROBE - Instructions


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Nov 30, 2004
New Jersey
Okay, I got the probe in today, cut the trace, got my key (After setting the probe for 10 ohms.) and then flashed the drive. It works.. sometimes. I will turn it on and it reads everything.. Then sometimes I turn it on and it wont read my backups or originals.. Do I have to reconect the Trace I cut? and is there another problem I am missing? I did lock the drive in the software like the directions said to do.. :facepalm:


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Apr 15, 2011

Im a noobie. Flashed a hitachi before but the xbox slim MXIC chip with a sputnik 360 unlock switch has been more challenging.

Followed the instructions above (didn't have an xecuter x360 pro). I soldered the switch onto the pcp board but didnt re-connect it back onto the dvd drive before trying the unlock method. Now i think i flashed the dvd drive in my computer and not the xbox dvd drive!!! Windows 8 doesnt find it even when i change the sata cables.

Anyway, should i connect the pcb and switch to the dvd drive before trying to unlock?