Stuck at switch boot logo


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Jan 4, 2020

I have a unpatched switch running 9.1.0. I received the SX Pro set up yesterday and followed the guide on the site and went through the process. I made a dump of one of my game while running sxos, in order to test dumping and installing. I dumped Cup Head, deleted the game from the system, then re-installed the .nsp from the dump using the sx installer. After it finished installing, I received an error message telling me to press the power button to reboot into sxos. I did this and now no matter what I do I am stuck at the switch logo. OFW or CFW both give the same results. Tried to use my nand backup I made at the beginning of the guide, but for some reason it is no longer showing on my card. I fear I may have accidentally formatted the card somewhere during the process.

Anyone else get a similar issue and have a solution?

Thank you


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Nov 26, 2007
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Did you get this sorted? Did you find your backup?