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May 31, 2013
Console Type: Falcon
NAND size:
Dashboard version:
CB version:
Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner:

J-Runner log: (I messed with the setting and recreated my NAND a dozen times. This was my last attempt)
xeBuild v1.07.561
building jtag image
<enter> key on completion suppressed
data directory overridden from command line to '.\xeBuild\16203\'
per build directory overridden from command line to 'xeBuild\data'
file name overridden from command line to 'C:\Users\John\Downloads\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\405407181305\updflash.bin'

------ parsing user ini at '.\xeBuild\data\options.ini' ------
loading file...done!
pre-parsing and sanitizing
User options.ini loaded, 0x1b0 bytes in memory
loading cpukey.txt from .\xeBuild\data\cpukey.txt
CPU Key set to: 0x0DBD79A40559170DF71073BF2456ACBB
setting 1blkey from ini: 0xDD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
1BL Key set to: 0xDD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA sum: 0x983 (expects: 0x983)
xex Key set to: 0x20B185A59D28FDC340583FBB0896BF91 sum: 0x800 (expects: 0x800)
Using patchsmc option (ini file)

------ parsing ini at '.\xeBuild\16203\_jtag.ini' ------
ini version 16203

ini: label [falconbl] found
found (1) 'cb_5770.bin' crc: 0x3279f0d5
found (2) 'cd_5770.bin' crc: 0xd04e8927
found (3) 'ce_1888.bin' crc: 0xff9b60df
found (4) 'cf_4532.bin' crc: 0xd28ef722
found (5) 'cg_4532.bin' crc: 0x2530f8ce
found (6) 'cb_5771.bin' crc: 0x859140f0
found (7) 'cd_8453.bin' crc: 0x25e0acd0
found (8) 'cf_16203.bin' crc: 0xc4c27121
found (9) 'cg_16203.bin' crc: 0xcbb44eac

ini: label [flashfs] found
found (1) 'aac.xexp' crc: 0x62924e10
found (2) 'bootanim.xex' crc: 0xc8b660b2
found (3) 'createprofile.xex' crc: 0x9f6efee2
found (4) 'dash.xex' crc: 0x18ea6c7e
found (5) 'deviceselector.xex' crc: 0x75c32b5b
found (6) 'gamerprofile.xex' crc: 0xec9746f7
found (7) 'hud.xex' crc: 0xabf19107
found (8) 'huduiskin.xex' crc: 0xf3563a5c
found (9) 'mfgbootlauncher.xex' crc: 0x763c73fe
found (10) 'minimediaplayer.xex' crc: 0xda1d0a4a
found (11) 'nomni.xexp' crc: 0xaae9ad36
found (12) 'nomnifwk.xexp' crc: 0xb3c2c31b
found (13) 'nomnifwm.xexp' crc: 0xf69cf9fc
found (14) 'SegoeXbox-Light.xtt' crc: 0xe0ee6049
found (15) 'signin.xex' crc: 0xc1d7185d
found (16) 'updater.xex' crc: 0x19286110
found (17) 'vk.xex' crc: 0xefcbab82
found (18) 'xam.xex' crc: 0xf8db3557
found (19) 'xenonclatin.xtt' crc: 0xd5d17ff5
found (20) 'xenonclatin.xttp' crc: 0x7a507ad1
found (21) 'xenonjklatin.xtt' crc: 0xdde4a14c
found (22) 'xenonjklatin.xttp' crc: 0xe2adddfb
found (23) 'ximecore.xex' crc: 0xe85e813b
found (24) 'ximedic.xex' crc: 0x1d992bfb
found (25) 'ximedic.xexp' crc: 0xfb2bb58c
found (26) '..\launch.xex' crc: 0x00000000
found (27) '..\lhelper.xex' crc: 0x00000000
found (28) '..\launch.ini' crc: 0x00000000

ini: label [security] found
found (1) 'crl.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (2) 'dae.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (3) 'extended.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (4) 'secdata.bin' crc: 0x00000000
------ ini parsing completed ------

output name overridden to: C:\Users\John\Downloads\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\405407181305\updflash.bin

------ Checking .\xeBuild\data\nanddump.bin ------
.\xeBuild\data\nanddump.bin file size: 0x1080000
nanddump header checks passed OK!
Loading NAND dump (0x1080000 bytes)...done!
Detecting NAND controller type from dump data...
NAND dump is from a small block machine
NAND dump uses small block controller
parsing dump into user and spare...
decrypting KeyVault at address 0x4000 of size 0x4000
keyvault decrypted OK, will use if no kv.bin is provided
decrypting SMC at address 0x1000 of size 0x3000
SMC decrypted OK, will use if no external smc.bin is provided
seeking smc config in dump...found at offset 0xf7c000! Using if no smc config is provided.
CF slot 0 decrypted ok LDV 0x14 Pairing: 0x4d3e4d
CF slot 1 decrypted ok LDV 0x13 Pairing: 0x4d3e4d
setting LDV from image to 20
setting pairing data from image to 0x4d3e4d
MobileB.dat found at page 0x780, size 2048 (0x800) bytes
MobileC.dat found at page 0x68a0, size 512 (0x200) bytes
MobileD.dat found at page 0x39c0, size 2048 (0x800) bytes
MobileE.dat found at page 0x600, size 2048 (0x800) bytes
Statistics.settings found at page 0x7bc0, size 4096 (0x1000) bytes
Xstress.settings found at page 0x7bc0, size 4096 (0x1000) bytes
seeking FSRoot...fsroot found at page 0x70a0 raw offset 0xe84a00
seeking security files...
crl.bin found in sector 0x39 size 0xa00...verified! Will use if external file not found.
dae.bin found in sector 0x34 size 0xde60...verified! Will use if external file not found.
extended.bin found in sector 0x34c size 0x4000...verified! Will use if external file not found.
secdata.bin found in sector 0x32 size 0x400...verified! Will use if external file not found.
Writing initial header to flash image

------ loading system update container ------
.\xeBuild\16203\su20076000_00000000 found, loading...done!
Read 0xb31000 bytes to memory
checking container integrity...
header seems valid, version 2.0.16203.00
header hash is OK, checking content hashes...
content hashes seem OK, everything looks good!
extracted SUPD\xboxupd.bin (0x79a60 bytes)
decrypting SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CF_16203.bin (0x4560 bytes)...done!
decrypting SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CG_16203.bin (0x754f2 bytes)...done!

------ Loading bootloaders and required security files ------
could not read .\xeBuild\16203\bin\payload.bin, using built in payload (0x200 bytes)
reading .\xeBuild\data\SMC.bin (0x3000 bytes)
reset smc load address to 0x1000 size 0x3000
reading .\xeBuild\data\kv.bin failed, using kv.bin from nand dump
reading .\common\cb_5770.bin (0x8e40 bytes)
reading .\common\cd_5770.bin (0x56c0 bytes)
reading .\common\ce_1888.bin (0x5606a b pad 0x56070 b)
reading .\common\cf_4532.bin (0x44c0 bytes)
reading .\common\cg_4532.bin (0x2ef40 bytes)
extracted SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CF_16203.bin (0x4560 bytes)
extracted SUPD\xboxupd.bin\CG_16203.bin (0x754f2 bytes)
could not read .\xeBuild\16203\bin\freeboot.bin, using built in core (0xd80 bytes)
reading .\xeBuild\16203\bin\patches_falcon.bin (0x9a4 bytes)
reading .\xeBuild\data\xell-2f.bin (0x40000 bytes)
reading .\common\cb_5771.bin (0x9340 bytes)
reading .\common\cd_8453.bin (0x5780 bytes)
reading .\xeBuild\data\smc_config.bin failed, using smc_config.bin from nand dump
checking smc_config
extracting config
SMC config info:
Target temps: Cpu: 80øC Gpu: 75øC Edram: 78øC
Max temps : Cpu: 100øC Gpu: 100øC Edram: 102øC
Cpu Fan : (auto)
Gpu Fan : (auto)
MAC Address : 00:17:fa:e1:10:24
AVRegion : 0x00000100 (NTSC-M)
GameRegion : 0x00ff (NTSC/US)
DVDRegion : 1
resetKey : XLLY
Checking for smc config data patches
smc config was not patched

------ Encrypting and finalizing bootloaders ------
initializing random nonces
Fuse CPU Key set to: 0x0DBD79A40559170DF71073BF2456ACBB
Fuse CF LDV set to : 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF000000000000
encoding payload.bin size 0x200 (JTAG)
patching payload.bin to load size 0xd80 (0x360 reps)
encoding SMC.bin size 0x3000 (JTAG)
SMC checksum: a6ee8b80
unknown SMC found, type: Jasper v4.1(2.03)
jtag hack found in smc.bin!

******* WARNING: could not patch SMC reset limit!

encoding kv.bin size 0x4000 (JTAG)
decrypted keyvault has been set for reference
encoding cb_5770.bin size 0x8e40 (JTAG)
CB 5770 seq 0x01050018 type: 0x01 cseq: 0x05 allow: 0x0018
expected fuses:
fuseset 01: 0F0F0F0F0F0F0FF0
fuseset 02: 0000F00000000000 (sequence)
fuseset 02: 000F000000000000 (allow cseq 4)
fuseset 02: 0000F00000000000 (allow cseq 5)
encoding cd_5770.bin size 0x56c0 (JTAG)
encoding ce_1888.bin size 0x56070 (JTAG)
encoding cf_4532.bin size 0x44c0 (JTAG)
encoding cg_4532.bin size 0x2ef40 (JTAG)
encoding cf_16203.bin size 0x4560 (JTAG)
encoding cg_16203.bin size 0x75500 (JTAG)
encoding freeboot.bin size 0xd80 (JTAG)
patching freeboot.bin with option mask 0x4 and kernel version string '16203'
Options set:
- console DVD eject button is being used to start xell
- alternate xell button disabled
encoding patches_falcon.bin size 0x9a8 (JTAG)
encoding fuses.bin size 0x60 (JTAG)
encoding xell-2f.bin size 0x40000 (JTAG)
encoding cb_5771.bin size 0x9340 (JTAG)
CB 5771 seq 0x01070058 type: 0x01 cseq: 0x07 allow: 0x0058
expected fuses:
fuseset 01: 0F0F0F0F0F0F0FF0
fuseset 02: 000000F000000000 (sequence)
fuseset 02: 000F000000000000 (allow cseq 4)
fuseset 02: 0000F00000000000 (allow cseq 5)
fuseset 02: 000000F000000000 (allow cseq 7)
encoding cd_8453.bin size 0x5780 (JTAG)

Virtual Fuses set to:
fuseset 01: 0F0F0F0F0F0F0FF0
fuseset 02: 000000F000000000
fuseset 03: 0DBD79A40559170D
fuseset 04: 0DBD79A40559170D
fuseset 05: F71073BF2456ACBB
fuseset 06: F71073BF2456ACBB
fuseset 08: FFFF000000000000
fuseset 09: 0000000000000000
fuseset 10: 0000000000000000
fuseset 11: 0000000000000000

------ Adding bootloaders to flash image ------
adding payload.bin at raw offset 0x00000200 len 0x200 (end 0x400)
adding SMC.bin at raw offset 0x00001000 len 0x3000 (end 0x4000)
adding kv.bin at raw offset 0x00004000 len 0x4000 (end 0x8000)
adding cb_5770.bin at raw offset 0x00008000 len 0x8e40 (end 0x10e40)
adding cd_5770.bin at raw offset 0x00010e40 len 0x56c0 (end 0x16500)
adding ce_1888.bin at raw offset 0x00016500 len 0x56070 (end 0x6c570)
adding cf_4532.bin at raw offset 0x00070000 len 0x44c0 (end 0x744c0)
adding cg_4532.bin at raw offset 0x000744c0 len 0x2ef40 (end 0x80000, rest in fs)
adding cf_16203.bin at raw offset 0x00080000 len 0x4560 (end 0x84560)
adding cg_16203.bin at raw offset 0x00084560 len 0x75500 (end 0x90000, rest in fs)
adding freeboot.bin at raw offset 0x00090000 len 0xd80 (end 0x90d80)
adding patches_falcon.bin at raw offset 0x00091000 len 0x9a8 (end 0x919a8)
adding fuses.bin at raw offset 0x00095000 len 0x60 (end 0x95060)
adding xell-2f.bin at raw offset 0x00095060 len 0x40000 (end 0xd5060)
adding cb_5771.bin at raw offset 0x000d5060 len 0x9340 (end 0xde3a0)
adding cd_8453.bin at raw offset 0x000de3a0 len 0x5780 (end 0xe3b20)
Fixing up FS table...done!
Writing zeropair CG patch slot overflow data to sysupdate.xexp1
at raw offset 0xe4000 len 0x00023400 (end: 0x00107400)...done!
Writing target CG patch slot overflow data to sysupdate.xexp2
at raw offset 0xe4000 len 0x00069a60 (end: 0x0014da60)...done!

------ adding 28 firmware files ------
extracted SUPD\aac.xexp (0x14000 bytes) (crc32: 0x62924e10 ini: 0x62924e10)
adding as aac.xexp2 at raw offset 0x171a60 len 0x00014000 (end 0x00185a60)
extracted SUPD\bootanim.xex (0x61000 bytes) (crc32: 0xc8b660b2 ini: 0xc8b660b2)
adding as bootanim.xex at raw offset 0x188000 len 0x00061000 (end 0x001e9000)
extracted SUPD\createprofile.xex (0xc000 bytes) (crc32: 0x9f6efee2 ini: 0x9f6efee2)
adding as createprofile.xex at raw offset 0x1e9000 len 0x0000c000 (end 0x001f5000)
extracted SUPD\dash.xex (0x59c000 bytes) (crc32: 0x18ea6c7e ini: 0x18ea6c7e)
adding as dash.xex at raw offset 0x1f8000 len 0x0059c000 (end 0x00794000)
extracted SUPD\deviceselector.xex (0xa000 bytes) (crc32: 0x75c32b5b ini: 0x75c32b5b)
adding as deviceselector.xex at raw offset 0x794000 len 0x0000a000 (end 0x0079e000)
extracted SUPD\gamerprofile.xex (0x1b000 bytes) (crc32: 0xec9746f7 ini: 0xec9746f7)
adding as gamerprofile.xex at raw offset 0x79e000 len 0x0001b000 (end 0x007b9000)
extracted SUPD\hud.xex (0x1d000 bytes) (crc32: 0xabf19107 ini: 0xabf19107)
adding as hud.xex at raw offset 0x7bb000 len 0x0001d000 (end 0x007d8000)
extracted SUPD\huduiskin.xex (0x14000 bytes) (crc32: 0xf3563a5c ini: 0xf3563a5c)
adding as huduiskin.xex at raw offset 0x7d9000 len 0x00014000 (end 0x007ed000)
extracted SUPD\mfgbootlauncher.xex (0x8000 bytes) (crc32: 0x763c73fe ini: 0x763c73fe)
adding as mfgbootlauncher.xex at raw offset 0x7f0000 len 0x00008000 (end 0x007f8000)
extracted SUPD\minimediaplayer.xex (0xb000 bytes) (crc32: 0xda1d0a4a ini: 0xda1d0a4a)
adding as minimediaplayer.xex at raw offset 0x7f8000 len 0x0000b000 (end 0x00803000)
extracted SUPD\nomni.xexp (0xe000 bytes) (crc32: 0xaae9ad36 ini: 0xaae9ad36)
adding as nomni.xexp2 at raw offset 0x803000 len 0x0000e000 (end 0x00811000)
extracted SUPD\nomnifwk.xexp (0x2000 bytes) (crc32: 0xb3c2c31b ini: 0xb3c2c31b)
adding as nomnifwk.xexp2 at raw offset 0x812000 len 0x00002000 (end 0x00814000)
extracted SUPD\nomnifwm.xexp (0x5000 bytes) (crc32: 0xf69cf9fc ini: 0xf69cf9fc)
adding as nomnifwm.xexp2 at raw offset 0x816000 len 0x00005000 (end 0x0081b000)
extracted SUPD\SegoeXbox-Light.xtt (0x6000 bytes) (crc32: 0xe0ee6049 ini: 0xe0ee6049)
adding as SegoeXbox-Light.xtt at raw offset 0x81d000 len 0x00006000 (end 0x00823000)
extracted SUPD\signin.xex (0x16000 bytes) (crc32: 0xc1d7185d ini: 0xc1d7185d)
adding as signin.xex at raw offset 0x826000 len 0x00016000 (end 0x0083c000)
extracted SUPD\updater.xex (0x7000 bytes) (crc32: 0x19286110 ini: 0x19286110)
adding as updater.xex at raw offset 0x83e000 len 0x00007000 (end 0x00845000)
extracted SUPD\vk.xex (0xb000 bytes) (crc32: 0xefcbab82 ini: 0xefcbab82)
adding as vk.xex at raw offset 0x847000 len 0x0000b000 (end 0x00852000)
extracted SUPD\xam.xex (0x24f000 bytes) (crc32: 0xf8db3557 ini: 0xf8db3557)
adding as xam.xex at raw offset 0x853000 len 0x0024f000 (end 0x00aa2000)
reading .\xeBuild\16203\xenonclatin.xtt (0x11b000 bytes) (crc32: 0xd5d17ff5 ini: 0xd5d17ff5)
adding as xenonclatin.xtt at raw offset 0xaa3000 len 0x0011b000 (end 0x00bbe000)
extracted SUPD\xenonclatin.xttp (0x18000 bytes) (crc32: 0x7a507ad1 ini: 0x7a507ad1)
adding as xenonclatin.xttp2 at raw offset 0xbbf000 len 0x00018000 (end 0x00bd7000)
reading .\xeBuild\16203\xenonjklatin.xtt (0x1a8000 bytes) (crc32: 0xdde4a14c ini: 0xdde4a14c)
adding as xenonjklatin.xtt at raw offset 0xbd8000 len 0x001a8000 (end 0x00d80000)
extracted SUPD\xenonjklatin.xttp (0x7000 bytes) (crc32: 0xe2adddfb ini: 0xe2adddfb)
adding as xenonjklatin.xttp2 at raw offset 0xd80000 len 0x00007000 (end 0x00d87000)
extracted SUPD\ximecore.xex (0x17000 bytes) (crc32: 0xe85e813b ini: 0xe85e813b)
adding as ximecore.xex at raw offset 0xd87000 len 0x00017000 (end 0x00d9e000)
reading .\xeBuild\16203\ximedic.xex (0x90000 bytes) (crc32: 0x1d992bfb ini: 0x1d992bfb)
adding as ximedic.xex at raw offset 0xd9f000 len 0x00090000 (end 0x00e2f000)
extracted SUPD\ximedic.xexp (0x2800 bytes) (crc32: 0xfb2bb58c ini: 0xfb2bb58c)
adding as ximedic.xexp2 at raw offset 0xe30000 len 0x00002800 (end 0x00e32800)
reading .\xeBuild\16203\..\launch.xex (0xc800 bytes)
adding as launch.xex at raw offset 0xe32800 len 0x0000c800 (end 0x00e3f000)
reading .\xeBuild\16203\..\lhelper.xex (0x6000 bytes)
adding as lhelper.xex at raw offset 0xe40800 len 0x00006000 (end 0x00e46800)
***** could not read file '..\launch.ini', skipping *****

------ adding 4 security files ------
<- Processing crl.bin ->
reading .\xeBuild\data\crl.bin (0xa00 bytes)
crl appears crypted, attempting to decrypt with CPU key...failed! Trying alternate key...success!
adding as crl.bin at raw offset 0xe4c000 len 0x00000a00 (end 0x00e4ca00)

<- Processing dae.bin ->
reading .\xeBuild\data\dae.bin (0xad30 bytes)
dae appears encrypted, attempting to decrypt with CPU key...failed! Attempting to decrypt with alternate key...
adding as dae.bin at raw offset 0xe50000 len 0x0000ad30 (end 0x00e5ad30)

<- Processing extended.bin ->
reading .\xeBuild\data\extended.bin (0x4000 bytes)
adding as extended.bin at raw offset 0xe5c000 len 0x00004000 (end 0x00e60000)

<- Processing secdata.bin ->
reading .\xeBuild\data\secdata.bin (0x400 bytes)
adding as secdata.bin at raw offset 0xe60000 len 0x00000400 (end 0x00e60400)

------ checking for Mobile*.dat ------
MobileB.dat found, adding from nanddump.bin
adding MobileB.dat as type 0x31 at raw offset 0xe64000 len 0x800 (end 0xe64800)
MobileC.dat found, adding from nanddump.bin
adding MobileC.dat as type 0x32 at raw offset 0xe68000 len 0x200 (end 0xe68200)
MobileD.dat found, adding from nanddump.bin
adding MobileD.dat as type 0x33 at raw offset 0xe6c000 len 0x800 (end 0xe6c800)
MobileE.dat found, adding from nanddump.bin
adding MobileE.dat as type 0x34 at raw offset 0xe70000 len 0x800 (end 0xe70800)
Statistics.settings found, adding from nanddump.bin
adding Statistics.settings at raw offset 0xf78000 len 0x1000 (end 0xf79000)
Xstress.settings found, adding from nanddump.bin
adding Xstress.settings at raw offset 0xf74000 len 0x1000 (end 0xf75000)

------ adding smc_config.bin ------
adding smc config to offset 0x00f7c000, len 0x400

------ finalizing image ------
Fixing up empty FS block entries...done!
Writing FS table to image offset 0xe74000 len 0x4000 (end 0xe78000)...done!
calculating ECD bytes and assembling raw image...done!
writing file 'C:\Users\John\Downloads\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\405407181305\updflash.bin' to disk...done!
C:\Users\John\Downloads\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\405407181305\updflash.bin written OK

C:\Users\John\Downloads\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\J-Runner v02 Beta (288) Core Pack\405407181305\updflash.bin image built, info:
Console : Falcon
NAND size : 16MiB
Build : JTAG
Xell : power on console with console eject button
Serial : 405407181305
ConsoleId : 008587455822
MoboSerial: 8394534203187447
Mfg Date : 03/24/2008
CPU Key : 0DBD79A40559170DF71073BF2456ACBB
1BL Key : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
DVD Key : 78302DF781A2AE716D5527806520D9F7
CF LDV : 20
KV type : type2 (hashed)
xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.

Image of R-JTAG board:

Images of close-up soldering to motherboard:

Description of problem:
I read my NAND and booted into Xell with no problems. Then I created and wrote the hacked NAND to my console. When I try to boot I always get stuck on the xbox 360 logo. Also my front ROL circuit board is acting a little strange. To get the on/off button to work I have to remove the board and plug it back in after every restart. It's really annoying. If I left out any information please ask me for it. Thanks in advance for helping.

Was the console working before you started:
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May 31, 2013
Your QSB soldering to R2P12 is probably causing your RoL issues. Sort this first.
Is there suppose to be a resistor at R2P12? I must have knocked it off. I bridged the two points and the xbox booted fine. Do i need to try to replace the resistor? From what I read it only effects the ROL which if fine with me.
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May 31, 2013
Yes, you need to replace it.
I bought some 1/4 watt 10kOhm resistors. I soldered short wires to both sides of one of the resistors and wrapped it all up with electrical tape. I used desoldering braid and isopropyl alcohol to clean up the surface. I took all the solder off the contact where the original resistor was (see pic), and I'm having trouble soldering my replacement to that point. I can't get anything to stick. Is there a trick? Am I even going about this in the right way? Thanks SO much for being patient with my noobness.