XGD3 Suggestion about what best option to record


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Mar 1, 2013
Device: DVD RW AD-7700S (Sony optiarc)
Burner: ImgBurn
Medias: Hidata and VideoLar

I step through the process

1-Clean my backup (in this case, Dead Space 3) with abgx360
2-Inject payload by BurnerMax (to see 8.7GB)
3-recording it on ImgBurn

ps: sure, it is not that simple but summarizing.

And then the ImgBurn starts to burn it tries to change the User Specified for Layer Break suggesting another one, I don't accept but almost in the end 89% ImgBurn raises an error (general bla bla).

Now I'm thinking, is this related to poor record medias?

If not, I'm thinking in buy a liteon compatible so I can suffer less when I'm doing that, what you guys think?



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Jul 7, 2010
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Different discs *may* work, but Verbatim have always been the best out there and "cheap" media is cheap for a reason.

You don't need to specify a layer break, simply load the .dvd file with ImgBurn (ABGX360 will generate one when it checks a rip if the option is set).

Can you post your XBC log as well please.
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