SX cart error. Cant load some XCI games.


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Nov 20, 2018
Sx user here. Ive had SX since day one after I got it weeks after its launch.
Never had this problem before with any games, but last week when I tried to play CRYSIS xci and I got this error:

"This game cart cannot be read. Please remove and reinsert it"

I managed to find a different xci of CRYSIS and the error is gone, but now an xci game I played before ( DoA Scarlet) now suddenly gives me the cart error. I even downgraded the FW via Choi but error remains.

Was there ever any good solution to solve the cart error in SX? It bothers me that I cant figure out what was the cause.

Sidenote: I have the latest SX OS and My micro SD is fat32. I saw old topics saying exfat was a bad choice, but ive been using exfat for years and never gotten any errors until recently that the cart error began.

Sidenote: The xci I have is the first one leaked for DoA Scarlet. I even went and download different XCIs from other sources and the error remains the same.

Whats truly causing the cart error? Maybe its the SX autoloader???

Any help and advice is deeply appreciated.


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Jul 7, 2020
SX Autoloader seems to bring more troubles than benefits.
Try to get rid of it to see if your XCIs are working again.
To be honest, it is not that time consuming to click on Album > your XCI in SX OS menu > your game in homescreen.