SX Core V1 stuck on boot.dat


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Sep 3, 2020
My Switch is updated in 10.1.0 and using sxos 3.0.4
I was trying to run the retroarch on the switch for sx core, then it didn't work the way I wanted it and I decided to delete it. After that I put my sd on the switch and when I call the message boot.dat appears. So I returned the sd card to the pc and downloaded the boot.dat again, it didn't work. I tried to format it, put it in again and the same message still appeared.
I think q is the sd card slot, but does anyone know how I can be sure if this is it? Or do you know if it could be something else?

It doesn't look like the ds slot is broken, image:

I bought another sd slot, but the fact that it's not broken at all makes me wonder if that's the problem.