SX installer 3.0.1not open (error) in 2.9.3 beta (firm 9.1.0)


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Nov 28, 2019
Hello, i had every ok running without problem. Yesterday i updated my emunand (hidden microsd partitioN) to 9.1.0 with "rabbit". When reboot, sxos crash 2168.
Ok, i readed in a forum the problem maybe occasionated for sx autoloader 1.2 .

I format microsd, and put only boot 2.9.3beta, and ok , put new version autoloader 1.3 and dont crash.

BUT MY PROBLEM began when i put sx installer 3.0.1. Not open. Always give error (archives faults)

I try again with previus version 3.0.0 and every ok

The problem, i have, with zelda awakening a luigis mansion 3 backups, because mount the xci, (v.1.0.0) and install updates with sx installer 3.0.0, i see successful installed, and correct version in these games, BUT ERROR when load.

Any idea? (help please)


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Nov 26, 2007
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Is your SD exFAT? It probably caused Corruption when you copied the SX Installer files to the SD. exFAT is horrible on the Switch.
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