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Dec 2, 2010
I will try to keep a collection of common questions in this thread.
This may be updated at any time.

MY XCI files are not showing up / taking a long time to load. Why?

It is recommended to have [titleid] within the file name for the games to show up in the XCI menu.
Proper file name for example would be:
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom[01006F7001D10000].xci
If the xci file does not contain the title id, the process of finding the correct titleid will take more time, and could potentially fail thus not displaying the file.

Once I have installed and deleted a file, why is it still showing in the menu?

The file most likely was deleted properly, but the list hasn't been refreshed. Exiting and restarting the app will correct this.

NCA Verification failed during nsp install.

If the nsp fails the nca checks, then it’s modified and could potentially be malicious software.
It's not safe to install unless you know it’s good.
You can just enable the option "Install Unsigned Code" at the time of install to stifle this error and force the install anyway.

What is the code to allow the installation of unsigned code?

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, +

Why do I have duplicate entries in File Browser?

Changes were made since version 1.0 of SX Installer.
Anyone who has updated from that version may have duplicate entries listed.
Simply delete the entries you don't want (Press Y Button). Or you can delete locations.conf and relaunch the app to get a clean default list.

Can I install a game on a lower firmware than the minimum required firmware version?

YES! Even if your firmware is too low for launching the game, SX Installer will still install the game for you.


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