SX Installer v1.2 'File Browser' Default Folders


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Jan 27, 2005
Hello all,

Thanks for v1.2 of SX Installer! Looks great so far!

I have a suggestion which is more of a quality of life adjustment as opposed to a bug for the next update and onward.

The default SD Card directories view-able from the 'File Browser' all show the 'SXOS' folder and its "NSP/Updates/DLC/XCI" subfolders.

However, you have made the default folder for SX Installer "Switch" within the SD Card.

The only thing I have that is using the "SXOS" folder currently is the 'Cheats' files (SXOS/Titles) as those only take the SXOS folder I believe?

As I use the default "Switch" folder that comes with the SX Installer files, I do not have any use for viewing the "SXOS" folder and its sub directories as there is nothing in them besides the cheats.

It would be cleaner to either have all SX OS, its software, and cheats engine look for both directories or change the default folder to be consistently throughout all TX apps.

Thank you guys! Keep up the good work!