Sx lite


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May 26, 2020
Disclaimer: Noobie here! My only experience with cfw and pirating is when I installed cfw on my 3ds and pirated games on that and that's it. Sorry if the questions are kinda dumb or common I jus can't find answers on google. Also I couldn't find any other threads that were specific to sx lite questions or sx modchip questions so I'm posting the thread here.
1) Do I have to transfer or download any files after soldering the mod chip and putting the switch back together or does the sx os just boot up and I'm good to go?
2) What is the process of pirating games then? Does the os start with tinfoil on it and I just choose and install the games I want or is there something else I need to know?
3) What type of store should I go to if I want to get the mod chip soldered by someone who know their sh*t?
I would really appreciate some help I'm looking to get the sx lite for my switch lite since I hacked my 3ds and pirated all the good games and I'm done playing those. Games are really expensive so I'm looking to pirate games on switch lite too.