SX OS & Firmware Update "how to?"

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Oct 14, 2019
Hello Friends,

first, yes i am new, read all that rules and i'm slain by the size of the forum. And i don't find the "Noob Forum"... the link of that is expired. ( Noob Forum ) from this post Forum Post. So i don't know which Forum section the right one is... i hope i am right here.

I tryed the search funktion to find How To's or tutorials for my next question, but the searchengine always cut away how to... or find not that what i am searching for :(



I have a NS which is unpatched (XAJ70025XXXxxx)
Firmware is 6.2.0
SX Pro + SX OS 2.5.2
Guide i have used:
microSD: 200GB exFat (16GB free scpace)

My Problem is: There are some Games, which want to have an Firmwareupdate, which i can't skip and play anymore.

My Questions:
1. Could i upgrade the Firmware in this constellation?
-- 1.b) Should i upgrade the Firmware in this constellation?
--1.c) If yes, to which stable version i can upgrade?

2. Is there an Update needed for the SX OS?
-- 2.b) If yes, how i can do this?
-- 2.c) And which version is stable for the "new" stable Firmware version?

3. There are two Options in the SX OS - NAND and EmuNAND, which one should be backuped? Both?
-- 3.b) Backup the EmuNAND should be done as "Hidden partition on microSD" , "Files on microSD" oder "Files on System Storage"?
-- 3.c) What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?

4. What should i do first, and which Steps then? Is there any tutorial or "How To" for this?

Sorry, if i have done anything wrong, i did it by my very best to not injure any rule ^^

thanks for reading and best regards
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Jun 2, 2010
1: If the game need a newer firmware that already on your Switch, then yes you need to update
Here is a gui to update offline, read and read again untill you understand why, how and what the risk might be

2: Yes every new update to ofw needs a new SX OS, latest is 2.9.2 that goes with ofw 9.0.1

3: Emunand is mostly used by ppl that need like being abel to go only with sysnand to play online, or just ppl that want to play arround with homebrew and not fear to destroy the Switch, since emunand is stored on the SD

4: First: backup your SD card, game saves etc etc
Second: if you have a clean backup of your nand and want to be abel to play online, flash it back to your Switch
Third: If you want to use emunand, create it on your SD, using files or hidden is up to you
Fifth: Update SX OS to latest, then update your emunand (If created) to latest using choi as i linked to earlier, if SD card is formated as ExFAT, remember to install FW with ExFAT support
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Oct 14, 2019
Thanks for that guide, i have updated the switch to 9.0.1
but, the problem that the games want an update is not gone... is there any method to reset this asking of an update?