SX OS licences key


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Jun 9, 2020
United Kingdom
You can install the chip in another Switch, but you need a new license if you do this because the licenses are tied to the Switch they were activated on.

If you don't activate the license, you won't be able to enable emuNAND and CFW won't boot.
Thank you for the prompt reply. It's good that I can transfer the chip to another Switch, as the fragility of those consoles worries me in the long run, but well, I hope that I will be able to activate my license in the future without incidents then, otherwise, there will be no use for the system and chip, if I can't boot it. Oh well, I haven't looked into it deeply, I'm sure I'll get a much deeper understand of it all after some research. Thank you for your help!


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Apr 13, 2017
Im allso looking for a license to SX OS.
If anyone has one to sell pls contact me!