SX OS V3.0.4 bug?


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Aug 2, 2020
Hello, I have a Mariko Nintendo Switch, the games on SD Card are running fine, at least xci, but then i put a pen drive on my console and try to run a game, the console freeze and stop working, goes black screen, and i must wait at least 5 minutes to get it working, can some one having same issue help me?

The guy who open my switch said its " normal ". :rolleyes:


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Jul 26, 2020
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@Ardistel at the moment the newest version of sxos 3.0.4 has been having this issue for patched switches, my friend whom has an sx core modded switch is also having this problem at the moment. So yea right now this is considered "normal". and bear in mind this might be for the far future as this is new technology.