Sys-Con homebrew on sx os


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Sep 21, 2019
I attempted to install the sys-con homebrew that lets you use ps3/ps4/xbox etc controllers on the switch by plugging them into the dock. however i never got it to work. the only thing that did happen is it made my switch stop recognizing anything that was plugged into the dock's usb ports, including my external drive. Through some trial and error I got it to read my drive again, but I never got sys-con to work.

i know that some other sx os users have gotten it to work, if you have, I'd be curious what your exact set up is. I know it's just copying a folder to the config folder on the root of the sdcard and another to the title folder within sxos. but no clue why it had such a crazy reaction for me.
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Nov 26, 2007
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The hard drive issue is probably because sys-con is hijacking the process that the external drive feature uses.

As for getting it to work, you may just need to turn it off and back on if it has an actually homebrew app. That's apparently what you need to do with sys-clk as well since it does not load at boot.
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