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Dec 6, 2002
Team Xecuter have been at the core of the Xbox hacking community since 2002. For years we designed both the Bios releases and state of the art hardware for the Xbox 1. There are many new members to the scene who have heard of Xecuter but don't really know who we are or what we have done for the history of the Xbox Scene. There are also those that do know but are haters, wish to ignore or have simply forgotten - here's a reminder.

  • The first ever RC4 v1.0 hack in collaboration with Bunnie Huang (Head Xecuter member involved)
  • The first ever Xbox Modchip (direct on the fly patching - members of Xecuter involved - the product was not called Xecuter)
  • The first ever LPC based modchip (First Xecuter named mod)
  • The first ever 4 x 256k Multibank External Switching modchip
  • The first ever on-the-fly eeprom editable modchip
  • The first mod with a dedicated 256k Flash Rom Backup
  • Custom case hardware such as the X3 Control Panel
  • First LED controlled no solder adapter
  • World's first Xbox 360 Homebrew Modchip
  • Creators of the world's best selling Xbox 360 add-ons (such as CK3, Probe 2, Nand-X, XFRAG, Blaster etc)
  • The first dual PortIO / WinAPI USB to SATA Convertor
  • The first tool to extract the CPU Key from < 15572 dashboards (DGX)
  • The first Liteon DG-16D5S & Hitachi DL10N Writable Drives
  • and much more......

  • First team to crack the Xbox RC4 v1.1 Encryption key
  • First team to hack the Xbox Kernel Build Tree to run on a retail Xbox (no one else came close for 2-3 years after we were successful)
  • First team to release a stand alone DVD player for the Xbox (DVDX v1 and DVDX v2 - no other player was released for 3 years after ours)
  • The majority of the BIOS hacks / patches
  • The first (and only) on-the-fly patchable Xbox bios
  • The first to embed a full xbe into a bios
  • First fully controlled dashboard embedded into a bios
  • Over 30+ bios releases over 5 years with state of the art features
  • First team to reverse engineer the Focus & Xcalibur Video Chipsets
  • World's first Xbox 360 Homebrew Modchip Sourcecode
  • Official partners with Commodore4Eva and members of Team Jungle.
  • The first RGH2 hack
  • and much more......

I hope this info was enlightening to all the kids out there who never heard of the first Xbox :)
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