Thermal K-pads in Extreme Kit


Junior Member
Dec 20, 2013
I just received my extreme edition kit, which was very hard to find right now. Going through the install process was pretty simple but I do have a question about the two top ram chips that are covered with Thermal K-pads. My kit only came with one long thermal K-pad, white/gray in color. It seemed to me that it just missed the cutting step in the factory. Not a big deal as a pair of scissors would cut it in half to the correct size.

Now to my question; did I get a bad kit because when I install my GPU cooler that side (with the two thermal K-pads) is higher and I cannot get it to be level. I didn't want to tighten the screws down and force it down to squish the pads down for fear of warping the motherboard at this spot.

My concern is that the GPU heat-sink is pretty hot now and after watching Netflix for about a half an hour I can hear the fans spin up quite a bit. No error codes have been thrown though. The box is a Falcon and has not had any problems before. When I was putting the kit on it looked as though it was one sent back to the factory and fixed. I'm trying to make sure I am not setting myself up for failure because I just dropped a bunch of money into this box with the kit, new fans, USBPro to flash the drive and such.

I've taken the box apart this morning again and re-applied the thermal paste just to make sure it was getting good contact. Should I "just wait and see?" I have yet to put the box completely back together as I want to make sure I am covering my steps. Thank you.