RGH TX CR3 PRO V1.0S Corona V3/V4 Fake Post Install


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Dec 16, 2011
Can someone point me to a complete TX CR3 PRO V1.0S Corona V3/V4 Fake Post install? All I can find is the old Version 1 videos. I saw a post at http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php/135597-Xecuter-CR3-Pro-v1-0s-FAKE-POST-(Corona-v3-v4)-Installation-Guides.

Man, is it very detailed but there are some things I still don't understand.

I have only replaced my PCB to flash, that's as far as I have gone to flash but I believe I can do this. Is there video installation of this. The extra parts and boards are new to me. Which do you solder in and which just snap/push in? What point do you solder that blue wire in the back, can I get a shot? I think I see where you soldered the QSB and where to bridge. The last part of the tut, really seems confusing and I would love to figure it out. How do we use the software during this process all the way to complete flash? Do I still need to replace the PCB or does this process actually flashes the xbox? I have the 20mb Nand slim.

Martin C

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Jan 10, 2004
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I suggest you read through all the guides and stickys. If after that you're still none the wiser, find someone to do it for you.

We provide all the instruction you should need.