tx pro work with all the switch model now? ( all the 6.2 inch screen model)just except lite model


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Sep 7, 2020
hi there
my question is
tx pro work for all the switch model except lite

is it correct?

also can i use a brand new switch + tx pro
with an android phone + 2-3 sd card process all the hack? i mean i dont use any laptop or desktop computer.

i just use android phone copy sd card with all the system file +download game image then
use those sd card to switch?


is it possible hack switch without a computer?
hack switch use phone android? with easy method "tx pro"?

is it possible use sx core switch download unlimited game + dlc via wifi?
if not

can i just use android phone with sd card download game via internet
then push sd card back to switch?

once again
i try best avoid use computer.

i try order some 2019 tencent china switch model not lite