[FOR SALE] U.S. Seller im selling 3 consoles 2 are rghed and also i am selling off my nand stuf

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Aug 10, 2010
Canton, ms
Hey y'all I have one trinity rgh but the DVD drive is acting up so I unplugged it
I also have a corona rgh that boots range from instant to 30 to 60 seconds
I also have a normal corona xbox 360 nothing wrong with it
I have for sale a jrunner programmer
Nand x rgh edition and
a stand alone nand x that could not detect on my PC I just ordered the band x rgh edition 2 weeks ago I just wanted to have a few and get rid of this stuff if you all are interested I can do PayPal and ship next day with tracking i have a reliable rating on eBay over 275 transactions and 99.5 positive feedback but I can't sell these on there pm me guys


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Feb 25, 2013
I think you may need to be vip to advertise id double check if i were you
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