UDKUltimate Engine for Xbox360, PS3, PC


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May 22, 2017

Hey guys!

This video here I recorded quickly, right from my cell phone, without editing anything (inside my "garage studio"), just to show you guys a new feature that I implemented for my Game about Middle East War, I'm sure that people will love this game. Anyone who likes Metal Gear, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Insurgency Sandstorm will enjoy my new game, and next week I will provide a free demo for everyone try on PC, PS3 and Xbox360. I will open a new thread for this game here, very soon.

This feature is Force Feedback, more popularly known as Control Vibration. Unreal Engine 3 has this feature already programmed by default, but is not enabled on consoles, and also only for some events (such as vehicle explosion). But I took the ForceFeedback code and implemented it into the weapon code I created for my game, edited a little bit here and there, and it worked!!!! Although you can not see too much the vibration on this video, but you can hear clearly, especially at the end of the video. And for each weapon I defined a different level of vibration, heavier weapons the level of vibration is higher, while lighter weapons like pistols, the level of vibration is lower.

A shooting game is much more fun with this feature, when you shoot, you feel the control vibrating, heavy, similar to being shooting with a real weapon, it is very cool guys! I've only tested it on PS3 for now, but I'll keep testing on Xbox360, as well testing a generic PC gamepad (I have the Nyko Ariflow), which by the way I'll be adding universal support to use any Gamepad in my game, through the Xbox360 control emulator (Xipunt is included in my game), so anyone who wants will be able to play my game with a controller instead of keyboard and mouse.

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