RGH Unable to dump NAND, not sure what problem is?


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Apr 13, 2012

I have having trouble dumping my nand. I have a 13599 kernal. I have attached images of my solder joints. It is not obvious what I have done as I have soldered 3 wires to back of motherboard and the rest in the right place. I am using the LPT method to flash using the JTAG tool reset glitch by Coolshrimp.

I am able to turn xbox on when not connected to PC but unable to turn on when connected. Does this mean my solder joints are okay?

When trying to dump NAND, I get the message that it could not detect flash controller. I realise this likely means solder joints are bad. The solder wire I am using is stranded copper wire. Cables are as short as possible. However if there was something wrong with solder surely the xbox wouldn't detect being plugged into my PC?

Or is a software problem ?

Thanks so much !






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Jul 7, 2010
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I'm sorry, but support will only be provided for NAND-X.

You can buy one from any Xecuter re-seller, it will make this job 100 times easier and NAND reads will be a LOT faster.
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