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Jos Dekker

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I have a question about updating from 14699 to 14719 and whats the best way to do it.

Actual situation for a Slim trinity with a rgh1

Installed a while ago Coolrunner Rev.a and updated with j-runner from 14699 to a 14719 glitch image.
This is working fine.
Today i installed my Demon because i want als play on live , installation took a little time but is operational and working good.

The retail xbox nand is now running 14699 and the Demon nand 14719, both are starting good.
Ofcourse i want to have my original Xbox nand dashboard also to 14719.
My question is can i update my retail nand with the MS update 14719 from usb without risc or do i have to do a other method. Help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Jos :smile:


Jan 18, 2011
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if you have your cpukey then write your orig nand back to the xbox nand,then update to the 15574 dash,dump your nands again,build new image for the demon.

to have live you need to be on the 15574 dash.

but dont do anything unless you have your cpukey..
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Jos Dekker

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So if i understand clear, the xbox slim with a rgh1 and a 14699 retail nand i can update to 15574 without problems?
Last question, J-runner doesn't support yet the new dashboard for the demon nand, is there a other way? Thanks for the quick answers


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Jul 7, 2010
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Yes i got the cpu key. Your right, Rgh2 is ofcourse based on a slim.
But ok, when i do the update on the retail to 15574, can i then still use the current 14719 on the Demon or do i have update the Demon nand to the latest?
You keep the console's NAND/kernel updated through XBL and write glitch images to the DemoN - J-Runner now supports and builds the latest glitch images (15574).
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