v1 switch fw 11.0.1 sxos - load atmossphere and downgrade to fw 11 via choidejure possible?


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Nov 4, 2013
i know. the problem is that the owner updated to console from an unknown fw version to the latest fw 11.0.1. there is no emunand or nandbackup on the sd card. is it possible to create one in this state?

the possible solution i came up with is to boot atmossphere, downgrade sysnand from 11.0.1 to 11 via choi. this should work, shouldnt it?


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Jul 7, 2010
Colne, Lancashire (UK)
You need to use Atmosphere / Hekate to create an emuMMC on 11.0.1 firmware and then downgrade it to 11.0 firmware with Daybreak so you can boot SX OS CFW again.

I know you are on the TX Discord server, so have a look in the #other-cfw-chat channel if you want more help.