v3 (Halo 4 Edition) CR4 XL + DemoN + LTU2 + Sonus


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Dec 19, 2015
v3 (Halo 4 Edition) CR4 XL + DemoN + LTU2 + Sonus (Perfecto!)

Feb 2nd 2019 EDIT:
New forum layout removed the superscript/subscript BBCODE support.
As such I have removed the SUP and SUB tags from my post.

Post is a work in progress. Install pics will be added when I have time to transfer the photos to my computer.

Newest Rater results are at the top of my post, oldest at the bottom.

DIP Switch: 1 2 34567 8
10pf Cap, 100Ω (Current best)

Latest result:
10pf Cap, 100Ω - TAKE TWO (Current best)
Since I couldn't find my 1pf and 7pf caps, I put the 10pf cap in. On a whim, I decided to try this setup once more with the DVD drive put into place and got fantastic results. If I were more motivated, I could do better with caps between 1-9pf... Honestly though, I'm pretty satisfied, so we'll see.

100pf Cap, 0Ω
Bad, but last of my TX caps have been spent. Time to fine tune with my own caps. ;)

82pf Cap, 0Ω
More bad results. Console responds to shutdown command again.

68pf Cap, 0Ω
Console yet again does not respond to shutdown command. Son, I am disappoint.

47pf Cap, 0Ω
Still bad, but console actually responds to Shutdown request again.

30pf Cap, 0Ω
F dat bruh. Notably, the console did not respond to shutdown command or power button presses.

10pf Cap, 100Ω (Current best)

10pf Cap, 10Ω

Little bit disappointing...

10pf Cap, 0Ω
Making progress!!

22pf Cap, 0Ω
Terrible. Did not even bother to waste my time.

0pf, 0Ω
No caps, no resistance. Not a bad starting point.
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