Video Tutorial on Installing Uniata Drivers


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Nov 22, 2010
Has this tutorial been updated? I followed the video grabbed the 5.08G driver and followed exactly as the video and wrttien text from first post. I had everything working at first and ripped Halo reach no problem with XBC 2.9 followed it with ABGX to patch it. All of a sudden now I get BSODs.

I have the CSK3 Pro Rev d with Via 6421A card purchased from Ebay. I disabled the card and try to reinstall the 5.08G driver again but it contunes to come up as 3249?

If I rename the driver in windows/system32/drivers as .bak or whatever name then just leave the 3249 with a yellow explantion point the My Liteon Drive 74850C with 0800 fw never shows up under CD/DVD rom in DM.

OS is WIn7 64 bit. AM I going to have to install win7 32 bit to get this all working or is there a work around?

Does the Via 6421/3249 card have to show up with a Yellow Explantion point in order to continue with the rest of the procedures for either FW updating or ripping games?

I know I had it working when the card was 6421 in DM enabled. Its now just BSODing.

SHould I be using the x86 or 64 bit driver? Should I just copy it to the /windows/system32/driver/ or literally install it in from DM?

EDITED 12/8/10

This guide just does not work sorry. I spent two weeks on this and I won't anymore.

Initially it did work but uninstalling and reinstalling must have bombarded my registry or something because now if I try to keep the 6421 enabled with Blue LED on CK3 Pro Rev D it BSOD instantly.

I had the CK3 Pro Rev D with red LED and I was able to LT+ fw to it but cannot have the drive stable to rip DVDs under this controller.

Remedy and simple no pain:

RUn the drive off your native Sata controller. WOrking 100% no isses. You don't need to run it off the 6421 card to rip games which I though you had to. I don't have Nforce or other equivalent chipsets that work OOB with DVD consoles and 0800 FW.

Mine MB Is Gigabyte GA-EP45-US3P rev 1.6 and Intel Sata chipset.

Maybe someday this will guide will work for me but as of today no go.

I have a liteon 74850C with 0800.
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