RGH Want dual nand rgh. I need shopping list


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Nov 26, 2013
After looking it up i think that i would rather spend the extra cash and get the tx equipment, as tx has a lot of support and is more reliable.. .. thank you for the offer to do the mod for me.. and i think i might buy ur proto if u want to sell it to me.. im busy atm but ill write you a pm when i can ..


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Mar 11, 2013
You can use the R/W kit to use a demon
I'm not an expert,but i think you can't use R/W kit whit demon,coz r/wkit is for 4GB nand xbox360 console and demon is for 16mb/256mb/512mb (console whit hdd 320gb/250gb or less,not whit 4gb nand..) nand console (can be in future tx release demon for 4gb i don't know..).


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Jun 25, 2013
There seems to be confusion here so hopefully this clears it up. You CAN use a demon to read write the NAND on a 4gb trinity. The 4gb is not the NAND size, it is a module that attaches to the board. So yes, the OP can use a demon to r/w the NAND on his trinity. However, he stated its a 250gb so the point is moot anyhow.

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