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Sep 9, 2018
Bamboo Forest
Depending on the window size, some of the options may be collapsed into a button with three dots. When you mouse over it, the tool tip "More Options" will show up. When you click to expand, Edit should be in there.

If this occurs again, please take a screen shot when the edit button is missing and send it to me in a PM, and we can look into that further.

EDIT: The ability to edit posts is on a timer based on your account level. We are still tweaking permissions and how account levels work. If you need something edited and the button is gone, please click the Report button and include what you want edited snd a Mod can make the edits for you. Clicking this button does not give you any warning points.
Ah ok. I was just about to send you a PM with a screenshot. Sounds good. Hopefully Ill be able to edit after the changes. Would like to keep some of my post that are pinned updated as more info comes out in the future. But in the mean time, if i need a change, i'll use the report button as you mention.

Thanks @Game_Over for looking into this.


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Dec 19, 2015
First login since the redesign (or perhaps more accurately, new forum software) went live, and everything looks beautiful. I hope the new forums perform just as beautifully as well! But who am I kidding— with TX’s attention to detail, of course it will! :)

And actually, I just realized how much smoother the forums look and operate on mobile devices. So thankful for this!! I am actually composing this post from my phone right now.... Ah, awesome!

Thanks for your continued efforts and support for your products and community. And happy new year!!


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Dec 6, 2002
Time limit on editing your posts has changed, normal members have now 24 hours to change a post.

VIP members of course is umlimited. -- Remember you can earn yourself VIP status, we will be drafting up rules later on regarding all that, plus adding a 'sponsor' or 'supporter' class for those that wish to 'donate', because remember even tho this site is related to 'xecuter products', its community run and supported, for legal reasons we don't get any kickback from TX itself, and the ads only cover hosting costs, in the near future we like to offer more back to our loyal users, in ways of giveaways, contests, and other neat things, so stay tuned for bunch of more cool things coming now that forums have been upgraded.

And soon we will be opening up the 'resources' section which contain direct downloads for all the cool new 'switch goodies', and will be slowly filled up with all the legacy stuff needed for xbox and 360, so you don't have to go hunting around for download links or other sites to fulfill your needs, with the changes we made we can now 'host' things we could not before in the past, so things will only get better thru-out 2019 and beyond! :)

Again, many thanks for al your support and kind words, and suggestions to what we can do to make your experience better.


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Nov 10, 2018
Its been teased for a while, but its finally here, out with the old outdated vbulletin forums we been using for over a decade, and in the latest and greatest in xenforo v2 technology.

Now its not perfect, but we didn't want to keep you waiting anymore, as soon we are going to be ringing in the New Year 2019, and what better way to do so, then with fresh new look.

Don't worry all your old accounts are here, just login like you did before, and all the old content is here also, and your PM's, and Avatar's and all that great stuff....

Now there might be a few rough spots in the new community setup, if you noticed something not working right, drop us a note here in this thread and we will hammer out the bugs.

Also over the coming weeks as welcome the new year in, we will be fine-tuning the our shiny new community, and also adding a tons of good new things and addons, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy our new TX Community, I hope you love it as much as we do, and well that is just the start of what is to come in 2019, much more is occurring this week! :)
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thanks team xecuter !!