What can I buy or do to use my Xbox DVD drive again?


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Dec 9, 2011
Arizona, USA
I have an Xbox Slim with a fried DVD drive board.
It got plugged in upside down by the previous owner.

Aside from that, it seems to work just fine.

It had a 0225 drive in it, but after the board got fried, the previous owner took it out to try and fix it, ended up just getting rid of it.

So now I have a slim with the DVD drive, but no drive PCB in it.

I was able to RGH it and obtained the drive keys.
But that is all I have.
No dummy.bin or any other file.
Only the drive key that I got from RGH'ing it.

Is there anything that I can buy or do to get a legit DVD drive in this slim?
Can I buy a whole new drive and swap keys?
Or is there a way to install firmware with the Xecuter PCB?

I tried injecting my key into a donor FW file, but Jungleflasher cannot inject keys into the slim FW, only the phat.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Jun 4, 2010
The key on it's own is not enough in the case of Slim drives, you need the whole drive's firmware dump (dummy.bin) file. If you can't obtain that then there is no way you can get the console work as normal with an ordinary drive.

Your options are as follows:

1. Get the original PCB repaired and then the firmware extracted from it.

2. keep the console as RGH and use any drive/key for offline use.