CK3 PROBE Where can I get a CK3 Probe III?


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Sep 21, 2017

I didn't use my Xbox 360 (Phat, Lite-On) for a long time and last weekend I wanted to play FIFA 12 and bought it from someone. I was out of the loop and applied the update (2.0.13599) which reflashed the DVD drive. If I remember correctly it was flashed with iXtreme 1.6 before I unknowingly applied this update. (It had 2.0.12611 before) But I want to be able to play XDG3 games anyway, so I would have had to flash the DVD drive in any case.

So now I want to go and try to flash the drive myself with a desktop PC and a CK3 Probe III. (I have never flashed a Xbox 360 drive before) But I can't find this product anywhere. Does anyone know of an online shop or a physical shop in the Netherlands where I can buy one? Or does someone have one that they don't need anymore?


P.S. I have read several guides and watched multiple videos on YouTube on how to flash the Lite-On drive and I believe it's possible by using the power from the Xbox and at the same time hook the drive up to the master SATA port on the PC's motherboard. Is that correct?

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