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Jul 18, 2020
Hi all.

I am unsure if this is the best place to post as I can't see a sx core sub section

I have a v2 switch that I have had a sx core installed on. The installer didn't tell me that I need to supply a sd card and just gave it to me as a chip install for me to set the rest up.

So i got a 128gb sandisk and formatted it to fat32 as i couldn't get exfat to be read by my switch.

I have dumped my nand and backed it up. Set a emunand up. Got got the home brew app set up and got goldleaf and some other apps on and running.

I have gotten some games to put on my system and this is where I am stuck. As the sd card is fat32 I can't transfer any of the games over. I have both xci and nsp game.

1 game was only 250mb and I have that installed.

Any help would be great. I am completely stuck and its probably going to be a easy thing I have missed.


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Jul 7, 2020
You can either use a software like XCI-Cutter, or any other similar tool, to split your XCI or NSP files into blocks of 4Gb that will work with SX OS
You can use game install by USB with Tinfoil and Nut server, and Tinfoil will automatically split your games in several blocks of 4Gb or less to be stored on your FAT32 SD card.

I recommend the second method for painless and time saving manipulations. :D
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