ANSWERED Which way to go? Trinity W/16D4S FW0401 LATEST DASH


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Jan 21, 2014
Need some help. I have a Slim with the trinity and 16D4S 0401 Drive that has been updated to the latest dash as of 1/6/2014. I want to RGH this machine and install dual nand. I want to have the ability to run retail image so that my sons can still play LIVE, but I also want the RGH benefits and the ability to run my backups from a non Microsoft HDD. Right now I am planning on the CR3 Pro Ultimate Kit, and the Xecuter Demon. Will these be everything I need to accomplish what I want to do? I would also like the ability to update my FW on my drive in the future without opening the box every time. What other hardware ould I need to purchase to allow this? Any advice would be great!!! Thanks!!!


Jan 31, 2005
Belfast, UK
you will need an unlocked pcb or perfom a kamikaze unlock to be albe to flash a CFW to the drive.

you will not ever need to reflash the drive so dont worry about it.

you will need a nand-x or jr-p v2 to read/write your NAND

id recommend going for a slim proto V2 glitch chip instead of the now discontinued CR3 pro.

amd of course you will need to read read read.
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